Welcome to BIOmixers – Santa Clarita’s “By Invitation Only” Professional Business Organization

BIOmixers, Private Business Peer Group in Santa Clarita, CA.

Welcome to BIOmixers Santa Clarita, an exclusive By Invitation Only organization where business people of high caliber meet up to once per week at venues throughout Santa Clarita Valley to discuss current business topics, create a B2B commerce among members and attend top notch speaker series and social events every quarter.   Call (661) 888-2134 for more information.

What is BIOmixers?

You will be associating yourself with the best and brightest in our community. BIOmixers is made up of successful business people across a broad array of industries with a common goal of helping members help each other to improve their business and their lives. Together, BIOmembers will create a BIOsphere of business growth and opportunities, along with a B2B marketplace with products and/or services packaged exclusively by BIOmembers for BIOmembers.  This is not a networking group.  It is a peer driven organization where members support each other and discuss current business topics.  If business is passed among members, it is purely organic, derived from their association in BIOmixers.

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How BIOmixers Works…

As a BIOmember, you will be part of a leadership, training and mentoring organization.  It has been proven that when business people of high caliber share their knowledge and experience with others of the same caliber, they help each other get better results for their business.  By challenging each other and working together to solve issues and to grow, better business decisions are made, better results are achieved and lives are enhanced.  The goal is for peers to achieve new perspectives, solve problems, evaluate opportunities and rely on each other for expert wisdom and leadership.  Only if you are driven and interested in learning and growing, should you consider a BIOmixers membership.

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Become A BIOleader in Santa Clarita, CA

BIOleaders are individuals who have all the qualities of a BIOmember, plus they are driven and have leadership skills.  They can host and lead small groups of people in discussion, they are respected among their peers and they enjoy mentoring others.  BIOleaders will be given weekly agendas and topics for the BIOmixer they have been assigned to lead.  BIOleaders should expect to attend up to one BIOmixer a week.  BIOleaders will be given training and support to lead each BIOmixer they are assigned to.

Initially we are looking for 40 Charter BIOleaders to launch BIOmixers.  If you feel that we are describing you and you have a willingness to share, lead and explore business and personal issues with your peers, than this opportunity may be for you.  Please contact us on our website and we will respond back.

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